Fivestar Health News Update

How Sensitiv Audit Works

Sensitiv Audit transmits subtle electromagnetic signals into the body and can read and interpret the outgoing resonant signals using advanced electronic technology. It comprises a central unit, head unit, hand-held sensors, and other peripherals containing transmitters, receivers, magnetic-inductors, and other advanced electronics. 

The head unit transmits electromagnetic frequencies into the brain and simultaneously filters the received resonant frequencies according to the organ tested. 

Furthermore, double-channel hand-held electrodes measure the electricity conducted by tissues and organs and provide additional information about the state of the structure of organs, biochemical indicators, microbial activity, and more. 

Other Device Peripherals will also send or receive electromagnetic signals to and from the body.

During the scan, the head unit transmits electromagnetic frequencies to activate the part of the brain that regulates the organ tested.
The magneto inductors and receivers record the magnetic field patterns and electromagnetic frequencies generated from that activated part of the brain. 

If the frequencies transmitted resonate with the generated brain patterns and frequencies, they are amplified, filtered, and recorded in the program. 

The patient's recorded electromagnetic data are then compared with those in the program database using Non-Linear Systems Analysis (NLS). 
This analytical method combines the latest advancements in modern physics, mathematics, information technologies, and medicine to identify and analyse even the smallest fluctuations of electromagnetic fields in a living organism. 

The fluctuations in Electromagnetic fields from the scan represent the sum of all the processes occurring in the tissue, organ, or system at that moment – the diseases, microbes, contaminants, and allergens present.

Over 10,000 pathological processes are typically analysed during the screening with Sensitiv Audit, making the technology the most advanced and detailed medical diagnostics available in the world today.