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Healing the body with Bioresonance


The human body can be considered to have three layers –

  • The Electromagnetic or Cellular Layer - High Level of Management

  • The Chemical or Tissue Layer - Central Level of Management

  • The Physical or Organ Layer - Low level of management

Ideally, True therapy should aim to address all three layers of the body.

The body's management processes are located at different levels of hierarchy, where the upstream mechanisms operate downstream mechanisms. Therefore, signals from our cells will provide a more accurate analysis of the body than signals from our tissues and less so from the organs. 

Visible symptoms originate from dysfunctions at the organ level, which is from a lower level of management. The signals from organs do not provide an in-depth picture of the state of the organ. Diagnostic Technologies that examine organs are very limited in their diagnostic capacities, such as X-rays, CT-Scans and MRIs. These scans can detect a structural problem of an organ but unable to reveal the cause. 

Modern medicine focuses on treating symptoms at the Physical Layer or tries to correct imbalances occurring at the tissue or chemical Layer. 

And while it is important to correct dysfunctions in these layers, it is impossible to cure and prevent illnesses without focusing on the cellular level changes.

Treating the higher upstream cellular mechanisms means treating the regulatory processes, thereby targeting the problem's root cause. 

 Bioresonance therapy takes a holistic approach to treatment because it only activates the body's regulatory systems rather than driving and imposing on the organism.

The state of health or disease depends on the body's ability to regulate its processes. The body's recovery can only be achieved by restoring its own regulatory abilities. 

Treatment with bioresonance has three principles at its core

  1. Use of the patients own electromagnetic waves for treatment
  2. Separation of patient's waves into physiological and pathological waves
  3. Inversion of the pathological (harmful) waves and intensification of physiological (good) ones. 

Bioresonance therapy cannot completely replace the use of drugs, but experience shows that it can significantly reduce their use. 

A body that is already weak from disease does not have all the information needed to combat the disease. In these cases, bioresonance therapy is usually not enough. It is necessary to take drugs that introduce additional information allowing the patient to activate blocked body reserves and significantly increase the treatment's effectiveness. 

Bioresonance therapy is a safe and very effective way to heal the body. 

Sensitiv Audit is a broadband channel that allows a person to receive, amplify and invert and return to their body, their own electromagnetic oscillation. 

With the device, abnormal oscillations or vibrations will destroy themselves through their antipodes – inverted pathological oscillations. Most importantly, normal (physiological) electromagnetic waves from the body that are harmonic with its biological systems are not suppressed. 

Bioresoance treatment also includes the creation of energy-information products called spectronosodes.  

Spectronosodes are medicines that contain only the wave pattern of a known healing compound. 

Sensitiv Audit has a magneto-optical bioresonant camera that can record the wave-characteristic of compounds in a matrix, like water, alcohol, or blank sugar pills. As a result, the device can make medicines that target specific areas of the body or specific causes of diseases. 

Even when treating the body with prescription drugs, You can still select the drug's recorded wave characteristic from the database and test for the drug's correct dose, safety, and compatibility.