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Why Sensitiv Audit is the most advanced Medical and Healing Technology in the World

Sensitiv Audit is the most advanced diagnostic and healing technology in the world today. It is an all-in-one technology. Using the same device, you can diagnose diseases and start healing the body with bioresoance or prepared medicines. 

In less than 45 minutes, Sensitiv Audit reveals more about your body and state of health than a dozen medical specialists and all mainstream diagnostic technology combined. 

Sensitiv Audit provides more detail than all mainstream diagnostic technologies combined, CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound, Lab Analysis, ECG, and EEG. 

Mainstream Diagnostics such as MRI, CT Scan, endoscopies, and Ultrasound are imaging diagnostics. They send electromagnetic signals into the body and then convert the body's resonant signals into images of organs. 

While this helps to reveal abnormal organs and cancer cells present, it does not indicate with any level of accuracy the cause of the disease. 

The majority of diseases do not cause any abnormality to the organs' physical state and are not due to cancer. 

EEG, ECG, and EMG read electrical signals emanating from the brain, heart, and muscles. Electrical signals are weak signals and do not reveal very much about the examined organs' problems. 

Lab tests such as Blood Tests and Urine Analysis detect changes in the levels of proteins and chemicals in bodily fluids. Such changes are mainly noticeable after chronic diseases leading to organ damage. Most times, lab tests are negative, not because of the absence of diseases, but because lab tests are not sensitive enough to catch diseases early. 

Unlike Sensitiv Audit that examines the entire body, none of the mainstream scans examines the whole body in one go. They are only used to investigate a part of the body or an organ. 

Our cells, tissues, and organs work together to sustain the body, which is a whole and not separated into parts. Factors affecting one part of the body will affect another near or distant part of the body.

Sensitiv Audit examines the entire body by reading and analysing the subtle electromagnetic signals emanating from our cells and tissues, and organs. 

Our cells communicate using electromagnetic signals. 

These signals are transmitted to tissues and organs to generate the chemicals and compounds that maintain and heal the body. These are the chemicals detected through blood tests. 

The organs' structure is what is examined by scans such as MRI, CT scans, Ultrasound, and Endoscopies. We experience symptoms when there are changes to our tissues and organs. 

Therefore, to accurately detect diseases, it becomes crucial to read information from its highest transmission source: our cells and not our organs. 

Sensitiv Audit reads information from our cells and can detect diseases long before symptoms occur in the body. It can also read electromagnetic signals from tissues and organs and detects the functional and structural changes occurring in the body.

Furthermore, it reads the frequencies of microbes, allergens, electromagnetic influences and foreign compounds in the body, which are the hidden causes of diseases. And so it not only detects the disease present, but it also reveals the hidden cause of diseases. 

By examining the entire body, Sensitiv Audit detects diseases long before symptoms occur. 

And as a healing and investigation technology, it can recommend treatments, prepare healing remedies such as tablets, and correct the dysfunctions in the electromagnetic signals of cells to promote healing. 

Sensitiv Audit is the most advanced and useful diagnostic and healing technology available today.