Biofield Health System, the most detailed medical diagnostic technology and the powerful clinical management system designed to power it.
Are you a medical doctor, nurse, physio or healthcare professional tired of the mainstream medical system, the long hours, the lack of patient care?

Do you love health and wellness, and you've always wanted to be your own boss?

Do you own a Gym or Wellness Centre, and you want to offer more to your clients?

The future of global healthcare called Smart Healthcare is the path that we have already discovered, walked upon and created a blueprint for.
Working together with Alfa-Med LLC, the makers of Sensitiv Audit Technology, we have created an advanced healthcare system that gives patients the most accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment and provides partners with remarkable support and ease of delivery.

You no longer have to guess the cause of your patient's health problems.

Using Sensitiv Audit, you can scan a person's entire body in 30 minutes and discover the diseases present and the hidden cause of those diseases. And you can heal them!

You don't need to come up with a product or services. Your clinic is fully formed and ready to go with all the hard work done for you.

You will be generating cash flow from day one, and your product sales and services will ensure that your incomes are ongoing with almost every one of the patients you get in the door.

You are working in a system and a business that is genuinely about healing and will bring you great happiness and satisfaction. Every day people will be over the moon with the results they are getting and act as your natural marketing team.

You will have nothing to worry about as the team backs you 100% from the analysis of reports, caring for patients, updating the systems, training you and guiding you with marketing. You can also choose the services you want us to provide, and you handle the rest.
Your main role is to be caring and attentive to your patients. You are there to guide them through a system and process that already has all the thinking done for it, which leaves you time to grow and expand your business.
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